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Master Post of Everything!

So, partially because I’m an organisational nut-head, and because they always seem so shiney and wonderful, I’ve made a Masterlist of FanFic and Art. I may also have a been a bit bored, but no one will ever prove it *shifty eyes*

My Journal is semi-open? Friends can see everything, but everyone else can only see fic and art. If you’d like to be friends, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do :)

Anyways, in no particular order is what I think is a comprehensive list of all the fic and art that I have posted to my LJournal. Have at it! *swishes imaginary pirate sword*

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So, a seriously case of writers block, a weeks worth of illness and a bunch of other things have resulted in these! Sketches of the AAR boys in their Halloween costumes.

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Art Dump

Hey, so I haven't done one of these in a while :P Just a quick dumping of various Uni and non-Uni related stuff:

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Fic: The Green of Envy

Title: The Green of Envy
Author: ashling_lily
Wordcount: 2,561
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ray Toro/ Tyson Ritter
Summary: Ray understands that Tyson gets along with everyone. He’s that type of man, despite what the world has dealt him. And in their new line of ‘profession’, it was a necessity. But this Nickolas fellow was rubbing him the wrong way entirely.
Disclaimer: This entire story is fake, and I do not claim affiliation with any of the person’s mentioned, nor of any elements taken from the Leviathan Series.
Warnings: Mentions of human/animal experimentation, manipulation of genetics

Author’s Note: I was originally going to write something else entirely, but by the time it got to 28 pages in length and it was the day before posting finished, I decided to try something else. This is also an AU based around the Leviathan Series. All you really need to know is that countries like England, France and Russia figured out how to manipulate DNA and create giant ‘beasities’, such as a zeppelin-esque whale. Oh, and also that Gerard is the Captain of a giant turtle submarine. That’s about it.
Thanks to nuclearxsquid for the betaing :D

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Art Dump!

So, these have been around for a while, but I'm saving them up so I'm not bombarding you with art posts all the time :P

Aaaaaaaannnnnd enjoy! :DCollapse )

This makes me ashamed to be female...

Seriously, what the fuck you stupid plastic barbie?!?!?!

Art Dump Time!

I was considering putting this off for another couple of days, but I won't have decent (ha.) internet connection until at least Wednesday, so the art dump is coming now :D

(For those who have watched the progress via Tumblr, nothing new, well, that's a lie, there's one or two things I haven't put up there, but you're very much welcomed to come and comment here and send some feedback? :D?)

Oh, by the way... Does anyone on my Flist want to be painted/drawn/used for nefarious artistic purposes? And if so, can I post your picture on the interwebs? OR, do you have anyone/thing that you wanted painted? I need ~inspiration~ or Hailey is either going to murder me or force me to paint Emma Watson forever
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(Another) Art Dump!

So, yes, another one! Blame Merlin partially for this one because the finale was last night and it ~inspired~ me. Also, I doodled other things! (None Project related though D:)


The Art Owl: It is My Soul Mate

We're going to be very happy together :P Click to read it's almighty wisdom!

nuclearxsquid you are my favourite. Once again, thank you. Me and the Owl will be happy forever :D

Annnnd, Another Art Dump!

All protests are to be written down and dropped in the box called "for the love of all that is good, STOOOOP!', all protests will be read. For those of you who have convinced me that you really do want to see more of my scribbles, please click to see :)

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THE ART IS WORKING NOW! So, yeah, if you'd all like to click and have a wander through the drawings?

Okay, because I feel like sharing, I’m doing an Australian Music Pimpage Post. (Try saying that fast three times :P) The idea has been bopping around my head for a while and I’m bored enough to do it :D

First up, bands:

Eskimo Joe: They’ve been around for a while? (ten years or something) But I’ve only recently gotten into them. They’ve had numerous successful songs and I’m starting to heart them like no tomorrow. I’ve already converted nuclearxsquid into liking them *grin*

Their Music:Collapse )

Next, Cat Empire: I don’t actually know much about this band, and I’m not a big follower of theirs, but neon_footprint told me I should, and I do like some of their stuff, so, here they are. According to Wikipedia, their sound is “a fusion of jazz, ska, funk and rock with heavy Latin influences” which aptly describes all the trumpets :P

Their Music:Collapse )

The Jezabels: They’re an upcoming band on the whole music scene in Australia. They’ve just released their first album so we’ll have to wait and see how they go in the industry. Oh, and the singer’s teeth scare me, but, that has nothing to do with their music :P

Their Music:Collapse )

Gotye: This guy has apparently been around for a while, but has only recently shot up into ‘fame’ with his song ‘Somebody I Used to Know’. He’s a quirky sort of character and I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly go through all his stuff, but here he is!

Their Music:Collapse )

Kimbra: Okay, while she’s not officially Australian (She’s a New Zealander), we instantly claim anything they’ve got :P She’s also said that Australia is now her home, so, details :P She also worked with Gotye on ‘Somebody’ which is sort of awesome in my opinion. Oh, and Fun Fact, Tyson made a tweet about her, stating that apparently he had to track her down and marry her *grin*

Their Music:Collapse )
And yeah, that’s music in Australia. Not all of it, certainly, there's other stuff out there. This is mostly just indie stuff that is only really played on the less ‘popular’ radio stations, but it’s infinitely better than anything they play on other stations *pointed look at 104.1* Hope you enjoyed the sharing? :D?

Dance of the Nightmare

Title: Dance of the Nightmare
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dark Themes, Horror, Graphic Content, Sex, Violence, Abuse, Mind Invasion, Dub-Con, Torture, Slight Blood Play, Mutilation,
Word Count: 34, 598
Disclaimer: Not related to anyone mentioned, and if this has really happened to you, get help.

“Welcome to the Dance, Tyson.”

Tyson keeps having these dreams, full of music and creatures and Him. He can’t stop them, and they keep coming. Every night, without fail. Madness was never this horrifying, was it?

Author's Note: This was meant for last Halloween, and has been an absolute Nightmare (haha, get it?) to Beta, so it’s taken a whole year! The biggest of thanks have to be given to nuclearxsquid and xaritomene who were there every step of the way while I was writing this and allowed me to ramble at them incessantly for months, and then for having goes at Betaing this. More thanks again to xrysomou who had a go, and finally neon_footprint for finishing the Betaing and putting up with my ignorance of the English language. They are awesome and if you do anything, leave them a comment for how brilliant they’ve been. They’ve earned it.

Edit: neon_footprint has been all types of wonderful and has made a Mix for DotN!! It's amazing and awesome and definitely worth downloading if you don't have the songs :)

Posting everywhere, sorry for the spam guys!

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